Investor Relations

Prothena Corporation plc (Nasdaq: PRTA) is a global, late-stage clinical biotechnology company establishing fully integrated research, development and commercial capabilities and focused on advancing new therapies in the neuroscience and orphan categories. Fueled by a deep scientific understanding built over decades of research in protein misfolding, we seek to fundamentally change the course of grave or currently untreatable diseases associated with this biology. Our pipeline of antibody therapeutic candidates targets a number of indications including AL amyloidosis (NEOD001), Parkinson’s disease and other related synucleinopathies (PRX002/RG7935) and ATTR amyloidosis (PRX004). We continue discovery of additional novel therapeutic approaches against targets such as tau, Aβ (Amyloid beta) and ALECT2 where our deep scientific understanding of disease pathology can be leveraged.